What Are The Benefits Of Employee Background Checks

Employee Background Checks

Screening of applicants even before you hire them to your company is a norm, and every business does it before hiring. The jobs are hard to come by, and due to this, the number of applicants tweaking their resumes to obtain employment is on the rise and hence Background Checks Canada aids in making better hiring decisions. A few companies have learned this lesson the hard way, refer https://www.reuters.com/article/bc-finreg-employee-screening-brokercheck/jpms-employee-screening-failures-offer-lessons-in-background-checks-records-idUSKBN1EE20Y. It can also save your company from lawsuits of negligent hiring by flagging out applicants who have a criminal history, drug abuse or misconduct. There are many perks to your business when you screen applicants and hire them, and a few are mentioned below.

Better hiring quality: Any company who hires an employee will look for a competent person who can help the business grow. When you conduct a screening of the applicant, you increase the quality of the hiring as you can efficiently eliminate candidates who have not provided accurate information or do not have the expertise to work in the allocated job. You also save a lot of time and money when you make a quality hiring.

Experience: The job market is at an all-time low with very few jobs around. That is making applicants desperate, and hence they fake their resumes so that they can land a job. When you perform a background check, you can verify the applicant’s educational qualifications; institutes attended, degrees and certificates obtained, etc. You will also be able to check the previous work experience, employer satisfaction, performance, salary, conduct, etc. By thoroughly conducting these checks, you can figure out if the applicant is suitable for your company.

Reduction in negligent hiring: Many states have regulations that makes it a rule for all employers to perform criminal background checks on all employees they hire. Your company should employ the services of a lawyer to guide you through this process. Even though the criminal record is public data, you cannot get data that is over seven years old but can know about the illegal activities. You can also get information regarding any drug or substance abuse or any lawsuits regarding sexual offense or accidents.

Safety of employees: When you conduct thorough background checks, it greatly reduces the chances of workplace violence as you can filter applicants who can be a threat. Due to comprehensive screening, the applicant’s behavioral habits can be found, and you can avoid issues that can arise out of it. As per statistics, there is a huge percentage of employees who have to deal with minor assaults, threats, harassment, etc. which can be avoided if the applicant’s background is verified.

Identity: A thorough background check helps in uncovering any identity thefts. It can also be used to distinguish any applicant who is applying to your company under a fake identity. A background check includes checking the social security, verifying the eligibility status for working in the country of work and also a search against the security databases to check for criminal records.

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