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Knowledge is wealth, It is the invisible stairs to success. The knowledge that one gains, could come from varied sources. It may be from chatting with a friend during the tea break while skimming through a newspaper or even while reading a simple story to your kid. Knowledge accumulation is a continuous process and happens throughout one’s life. This knowledge is what builds up the expertise in a person. the Knowledge Broker Blueprint helps in Extracting one’s expertise and knowledge and streamlining it for real-life implementation. Until a situation arises, not many realize their skills and expertise. Find out more about how knowledge brokering and the KBB would help you tap your expertise and generate an unbelievably higher source of income from this article.

What is knowledge brokering?

Knowledge brokering is a recently developed profession with its own individual job roles in the private sector as per researchers. It is a part of knowledge management that helps in tapping the advantages of both research and practical approaches. It extracts knowledge from both proper research as well as the tacit knowledge that an expert would have gained with years and years of field experience in any given domain. Thus KB brings together both science and nonscience professionals for developing better solutions for everyday problems or act as a stimulant for innovative product ideas.

What is the role of a knowledge broker?

A knowledge broker is one who facilitates a multiple channel information exchange. He/she acts as a mediator and facilitates the knowledge producers like scientists, policymakers, even the general public or domain experts, to generate knowledge and collate the information. They act as a bridge connecting these different worlds and bring them to act together. They tend to establish strong business relationships and enable better information and technology transfer. KB helps to put to use the expertise with the underlying motive of achieving good profit. Hence a knowledge broker is seen as a link generator or capacity builder who extracts knowledge from varying levels of sources and provides it to be used to build a strong foundation for a business, self upliftment, decision making and many more.

How is Knowledge Brokering useful?

Thinking in the expanse of an organization as a whole, or an individual, the collation of theoretical and tacit expertise would prove to be really a very useful resource and a worthy long time investment. It can help one in ideation for a new business or make better an existing product. KB could not only help in extracting expertise but also in putting it to use in real-time scenarios and It may be as simple as planning a birthday party or as intense as making a business presentation or who knows It could even help change someone’s life for better and forever!

Finally, What is KBB?
The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a perfectly planned training program that helps the participant in extracting their own knowledge and expertise. It aims to channelize the knowledge and effectively utilize the same for the profitability of individuals and society.

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